SYNC – Transforming Healthcare Leadership

Interprofessional leadership development is vital in healthcare. Recognizing this, the Medical Society of Virginia (MSV), Virginia Hospital and Healthcare Association (VHHA), the Virginia Nurses Foundation (VNF), and the Virginia Department of Health have partnered to provide SYNC, an innovative learning institute designed to help healthcare professionals develop their capabilities for collaborative teamwork and leadership.

SYNC Participants and Learning Objectives

SYNC is open to interprofessional health care teams of up to (5) clinical leaders, to include a physician and a registered nurse.  SYNC participants will learn:

  • How the changing landscape of 21st century healthcare is influencing healthcare teamwork and leadership;
  • Leadership fundamentals for individual, team, and organizational leadership;
  • Core competencies for optimizing  interprofessional collaboration;
  • Design thinking and other  strategies for collaborative problem solving;
  • How to practice and support wellness for preventing burnout and optimizing individual and team performance.

SYNC Faculty and Support Team

The SYNC Faculty includes a mix of national, state and local speakers with tremendous expertise and experience. The SYNC Support Team includes staff from the partner organizations and Community Health Solutions.   The SYNC Support Team is available to provide guidance and support throughout the SYNC experience.  Much of this support is provided through the SYNC Learning Portal (this website), where participants can find information on SYNC learning activities, a knowledge base of learning content, and contact information for SYNC colleagues.

SYNC Learning Activities

SYNC learning activities include four onsite learning sessions, virtual learning between learning sessions, and an applied Capstone Project.

  • Onsite Learning. The four onsite learning sessions will be held in June, September, October, and November.  The June session begins with a Thursday evening kickoff event followed by a day-long session on Friday.  The fall dates are one-day events held on Fridays.  Dates will be announced shortly.
  • Virtual Learning. Virtual learning activities include scheduled webinar events plus self-directed learning supported by the SYNC Learning Portal (this website).
  • Capstone Project.  To put learning into action, each team will engage in a SYNC Capstone Project that is chosen by the team to address a practical challenge within their organization or community.  This creates value for SYNC participants and their organizations in return for the investment in SYNC.  Teams will have access to technical assistance and coaching from the SYNC Support Team to help with the design and execution of the Capstone Project.
  • Capstone Teachback.  Each team will share lessons learned from its Capstone Project experience through a ‘teachback’ presentation at the final SYNC Learning Session.  We also encourage teams to deliver these presentations within their home organizations.
  • Continuing Education Credits.   Continuing education credits and contact hours are being sought in medicine, nursing, pharmacy, and dentistry.  Information will be posted once credits have been approved.

Learn More about SYNC

To learn more about SYNC,  contact Amy Swierczewski at or 804-377-1053