It is a challenging time for the healthcare world, and it has never been more important for our hospitals and practices to offer its teams opportunities to grow and develop as leaders. However, it can also be a difficult time to ask for educational opportunities.

We want to offer you support in asking for the opportunity to join the upcoming SYNC cohort. See below for a basic email template that you can tailor and send to your leadership.

Click here to download the template in MSWord.

Dear ____,

These challenging and unprecedented times require a different way of approaching the way we think of healthcare teams and what it means to be a leader. The SYNC Program offers a unique combination of individual skills training, team collaboration opportunities, and serves as the catalyst to move a project forward.  Most importantly, it fosters the culture of “we”.

SYNC will be virtual for this upcoming cohort to keep speakers and participants safe. This means that our staff will still get the full SYNC experience but can participate right from our office. It minimizes time away and no travel costs!

This is the perfect opportunity to invest in SYNC for our (hospital/practice). Each member of our team will gain skills in leadership, problem solving and collaboration and we will apply it as we go with our team project.  We’ll also be interacting with other healthcare teams across the state, sharing experiences, ideas, and building relationships. Learn more about SYNC and its opportunities at

Please reach out with questions.  Thank you for your consideration.


Personalize this email and send to your leadership today to ask for your chance to be a part of virtual SYNC!

Questions? Contact Amy Swierczewski at