The pressure on health care practices to be accountable for quality and cost is real and intensifying.  But sometimes we need to optimize our underlying practice structure and culture before we can devote adequate time and thought to producing quality breakthroughs that really matter.  STEPS Forward can help by providing quick-start ideas for streamlining workflow and creating more time for clinicians to do what they do best.

STEPS Forward is a practice-based initiative produced by the American Medical Association. As stated on the STEPS Forward website:

Our goal is to provide you with proven strategies that can improve practice efficiency and help you reach the Quadruple Aim — better patient experience, better population health and lower overall costs with improved professional satisfaction.

We recommend the STEPS Forward strategies for SYNC practice teams that are searching for ways to improve their practice environment, and perhaps restore that ‘Joy in Practice‘ that is so important for providers and patients alike.   Using STEPS Forward is entirely optional for SYNC Teams; but if you are interested, we suggest two options for getting started:

Option 1.  Self-Directed Learning.  In this option you can scan the STEPS Forward modules, choose a module to start with, and proceed to follow the recommended steps for practice improvement.

Option 2.  Guided Learning.  In this option, the SYNC Support team can help you choose the STEPS Forward modules that are most appropriate for your needs, and guide you through the implementation process.   Click here to request an initial consult with the SYNC Support Team.